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Our team of experienced lawyers, investigators and retired judges offer mediation, arbitration and workplace investigation services across Central Ontario. 

At Resolv’d, we foster a culture of understanding, collaboration, and efficiency. We aim to create a more harmonious society where conflicts are resolved expeditiously, with compassion and respect, leaving all stakeholders feeling empowered and satisfied with the process. 

Our Team of Experienced Mediators, Arbitrators & Investigators

We work hard to redefine the dispute resolution process and transform the way people perceive and approach conflicts.

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If you would like to consider either mediation, arbitration or a workplace investigation for yourself or your clients please contact Hannah Lankin, our Mediation Arbitration Co-Ordinator at or by telephone at 705-739-4090. Hannah can make an appointment for you with one of our specially trained Mediators, Arbitrators or Investigators who will answer any questions you might have about any of the above.