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Mediation & Arbitration Services

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Resolv’d mediation and arbitration services are meant to deliver peace of mind.

In mediation we help you find solutions to legal problems without having to go to court. In arbitration, we strive to give all parties the fairest decision in the most cost-effective manner when you are not able to agree.

Mediation vs. Court Services

Simply put, the Ontario court systems are backed up. Mediation allows for disputes to be resolved outside of court and in a more timely and less rigid and document driven manner. Our mediators are flexible and can work around the schedules of everyone involved. Mediation is also a much more cost-effective solution for dispute resolution. Aside from not having to spend full days in court, clients can do most of the necessary work on their own, saving on lawyer fees and time away from work.

Our Specialties

Our Resolv’d team has experience in many areas, however we specialize in Family Law
Mediation, Civil Mediation and Arbitration services.

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Our Team of Experienced Mediators & Arbitrators

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Jodi Armstrong


Ted Chadderton

Doug Cole

Doug Cole

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Morris Cooper

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Tom Dart

Fred Graham

The Honourable Fred Graham

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Terry Hamilton

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David Harris-Lowe


Scott Hawryliw

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Barrie Hayes

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Graham Knight

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Doug Manning

Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy

Jean Polak

Jean Polak

Joanna Shaw

Joanna Shaw

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Josh Valler

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We work hard to offer the best solutions for clients in the most cost-efficient manner.

Let us know how we can help.

If you would like to consider either mediation, mediation/arbitration or arbitration alone for yourself or your clients please contact Hannah Lankin, our Mediation Arbitration Co-Ordinator at or by telephone at 705-739-4090 ext 237. Hannah can make an appointment for you with one of our specially trained Mediators / Arbitrators who will answer any questions you might have about any of the above.