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Estate Mediation

The Power of Estate Mediation

Estate related disputes are often marked with intense personal and emotional family conflict. Engaging in litigation to resolve these issues can exacerbate emotional distress, cause significant delays, and incur substantial legal expenses. However, there is an alternative approach that can alleviate these burdens and lead to a more efficient and effective resolution: estate mediation.

Estate mediation offers all parties involved the invaluable opportunity to have their voices heard in a structured and empathetic setting. It can also allow them to gain a deeper understanding of the complex legal issues at play while working together towards a unified resolution.

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Resolving Estate Disputes with Experience & Compassion

Our team of seasoned mediators work to navigate the intricate landscape of estate litigation. Whether it’s contesting a will or power of attorney, pursuing support claims against an estate, or challenging the administration of an estate, our experts have the skills and experience to guide the process effectively.

One distinctive feature of our services is our commitment to proactive mediation as a component of estate planning. By addressing family conflicts preemptively as part of an estate plan, we aim to prevent disputes from arising or escalating in the future.

In summary, we are dedicated to providing a compassionate and effective solution to estate-related disputes. Our mediation services are designed to reduce emotional turmoil, minimize delays, and control legal costs, ultimately helping families find common ground and move forward during challenging times.

We are here to assist you throughout this often intricate and emotionally charged process.

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Our Team of Experienced Estate Mediators

We work hard to redefine the dispute resolution process and transform the way people perceive and approach conflicts

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If you would like to consider either mediation, mediation/arbitration or arbitration alone for yourself or your clients please contact Hannah Lankin, our Mediation Arbitration Co-Ordinator at or by telephone at 705-739-4090. Hannah can make an appointment for you with one of our specially trained Mediators / Arbitrators who will answer any questions you might have about any of the above.