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Civil Mediation

Our trained mediators can assist both parties in finding a mutually-agreeable solution.

At Resolv’d, we believe in giving our clients peace of mind. If you find yourself in a civil dispute with someone, perhaps your employer, your neighbour, your builder, or virtually anyone else, we can assist. Our first preference is to help you solve the dispute and help you move on. That’s what Mediation is for.

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Top Issues in Civil Mediation

Mediation is a mandatory step prior to trial in a number of Ontario Court jurisdictions and is expected to apply throughout Ontario in the near future. The top issues and greatest settlement success are in wrongful dismissal claims, construction disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, and estate litigation.

Evaluative Mediation

Civil litigation mediation generally puts a greater emphasis on evaluative mediation, outlining the risks and rewards of each party’s legal and factual positions. It is the reason why civil mediators are selected with their years of trial and appeal experience. Civil mediation allows for a wider range of creative solutions to disputes and the mediator’s ability to identify and resolve the blocks to settlement.

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Our Team of Experienced Civil Mediators