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Maureen E. Smith

Maureen Smith

Maureen E. Smith

Mediator and Arbitrator – Family, Estates, Civil

Maureen E. Smith – Mediator and Arbitrator – Family, Estates, Civil

Maureen Smith, Q. Mediator, Q. Arbitrator, is an accredited Mediator & Arbitrator, Consultant and Certified Coach. As a multi-time award winning serial entrepreneur, she brings close to 40 years extensive work-related experience, business knowledge, estate and family experience to the practice of mediation, arbitration and artistry in alternative dispute resolution and has been practicing for close to 15 years. She is an award winning mediator in family & civil mediation with both Corporate Vision, Global Business Awards and Corporate Live Wire Canada and practices in the areas of Family, Estate and Civil Mediation/ Arbitration.

Maureen has additional certifications in Estate & Trust Administration – Common Law, the Building Code Act 9, Construction Project Management, Life and Intuitive Coaching, in addition to advanced civil and family mediation and arbitration. She completed her mediation training through the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, Riverdale Mediation and Arbitration accredited by the Law Society of Ontario. Maureen additionally provides consulting in real estate development, land developing, contracting and construction as a Real Estate Consultant, CEO of White Eagle Properties Inc., as well as in the music & entertainment Industry as a Music Industry Management and Marketing Consultant, Publisher, CEO of White Eagle Records Limited. She was also previously a mortgage agent in residential, commercial and real estate syndicate mortgages and has an extensive background in mortgages and finance. Additionally, she was previously a band conductor/music educator in the school system and is a retired Ontario licensed teacher with a B.A. in Music Ed & Psychology, B. A. Ed and A.R.C.T. Piano.

Maureen has been appointed a Qualified Mediator (Q. Med) and Qualified Arbitrator (Q. Arb) by the ADR Institute of Canada. She was appointed to the Civil Court Roster of Mediators for Mandatory Mediations in Toronto for the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and has conducted many successful mediations and cases in both Family and Civil Mediation for the Toronto, Superior Court of Justice. She was also nominated and served as Chair of the Real Estate Section for ADR Ontario.

She is a very tenacious mediator and negotiator while equally having the added patience and understanding needed to keep the parties talking until a peaceful settlement is reached.

Maureen is also the songwriter and recording artist of her healing CD, “ Spirit, Songs of Inspiration” and a professional pianist/ vocalist. She is an avid dog lover and enjoys time with her two dogs hiking outdoors in addition to reading, writing, photography, videography and yoga in her spare time.

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