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In Ontario, arbitration is often used for things like commercial / contractual disputes, labour and spousal disputes.

If Mediation does not solve a dispute, Resolv’d also offers an out of court solution for you. Our trained arbitrators can assist. Arbitration is used in many types of disputes, as an alternative to the lengthy court system. Professional athletes use it all the time to resolve disputes over their salaries.

Arbitration vs. Court

Arbitration is preferred over court because you can get to arbitration far more quickly than you can get before a trial judge. It is also more private, less formal and more flexible in creating a process for solving a particular problem. You can participate in arbitration with or without your lawyer but it is often better to have a lawyer, depending on the nature of your dispute. Our arbitrators can explain the pros and cons of arbitration for you if you wish to consider it.

Our Certified Arbitrators

Tom Dart

Tom was called to the bar in 1976. In the early stages of his career, he practiced as a criminal lawyer, a civil litigation lawyer and a family law lawyer. He now practices only in the area of family law and alternative dispute resolution. Tom is a Certified Specialist in Mediation (FDR Med) and Arbitration (FDR Arb). Tom has appeared at all levels of Court in Ontario from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to the Ontario Court of Appeal. He has conducted many trials and many successful negotiations.

Morris Cooper

Morris has been a civil and commercial litigator since his call to the bar in 1976, with a wide-ranging practice as lead counsel in every court, including The Supreme Court of Canada. Morris has been a commercial arbitrator since the late 1980s and an Adjudicator for the federal government under The Canada Labour Code since the 1990s. He is a strong advocate in favour of arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution tool.

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If you would like to consider either mediation, mediation/arbitration or arbitration alone for yourself or your clients please contact Hannah Lankin, our Mediation Arbitration Co-Ordinator at or by telephone at 705-739-4090. Hannah can make an appointment for you with one of our specially trained Mediators / Arbitrators who will answer any questions you might have about any of the above.