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Family Law Mediation

At Resolv’d, we understand that navigating family law disputes can be emotionally charged and complex. Our highly skilled mediators are here to provide a safe and neutral environment for families to discuss and resolve their issues. Whether it’s child custody, divorce settlements, or property division, our mediators facilitate constructive communication and help parties reach mutually beneficial agreements. 

Civil Mediation

Resolv’d offers effective mediation services for civil disputes, saving parties time, money, and stress associated with lengthy court proceedings. Our experienced mediators specialize in facilitating open and respectful dialogue, helping individuals and organizations find common ground and reach mutually agreeable solutions. From contract disputes to personal injury claims, our mediation process promotes fairness, cooperation, and efficient resolution. 

Estate Mediation

We provide estate mediation services to ease the emotional and financial stress of asset distribution before and after a loved one’s passing. Our mediators foster open communication and collaboration among executors, beneficiaries, and other parties involved, ensuring fair resolutions that respect the wishes of the departed and maintain family harmony. We handle disputes related to wills, trusts, estate distributions, elder law, and other inheritance matters.

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We work hard to redefine the dispute resolution process and transform the way people perceive and approach conflicts

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If you would like to consider either mediation, mediation/arbitration or arbitration alone for yourself or your clients please contact Hannah Lankin, our Mediation Arbitration Co-Ordinator at or by telephone at 705-739-4090. Hannah can make an appointment for you with one of our specially trained Mediators / Arbitrators who will answer any questions you might have about any of the above.