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The Honourable Fred Graham

The Honourable Fred Graham

Mediator - Family Law

The Honourable Fred Graham was a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for seventeen and a half years.

Initially, he presided over family law conferences, motions, and trials, while also handling civil and criminal cases. Subsequently, as a member of the court’s specialized Family Branch, he presided exclusively over family law cases. He is knowledgeable about every type of family law issue.

He earned his first degree in law from Western University (Ontario) and a Master’s degree in law from King’s College London (England). For twenty-four years, prior to his appointment to the Bench, he was a courtroom lawyer. During several of those years, he taught law students at Osgoode Hall Law School (York University), bar admission students at the Ontario Bar Admission course, and lawyers at the Ontario Centre for Advocacy Training.

Fred is experienced at helping clients arrive at fair and reasonable family law settlements that avoid the unnecessary stress and expense of court proceedings.

We work hard to offer the best solutions for clients in the most cost-efficient manner.

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