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Resolv’d arbitration services are meant to deliver peace of mind.


If mediation fails to resolve a dispute, Resolv’d provides an alternative out-of-court solution through our skilled arbitrators. Arbitration is a popular choice for settling various types of disputes, as it offers a more efficient and time-saving approach compared to the often drawn-out court system. Our experienced arbitrators are well-versed in handling different kinds of conflicts and can help you reach a fair and binding resolution. Similar to mediation, arbitration is a more private and flexible process, allowing both parties to have greater control over the proceedings.

By choosing Resolv’d, you’ll benefit from our team of knowledgeable arbitrators who are committed to providing a fair, unbiased, and efficient means of resolving your disputes outside the traditional court system.

Arbitration vs. Court

Arbitration is preferred over court because you can get to arbitration far more quickly than you can get before a trial judge. It is also more private, less formal and more flexible in creating a process for solving a particular problem. You can participate in arbitration with or without your lawyer but it is often better to have a lawyer, depending on the nature of your dispute. Our arbitrators can explain the pros and cons of arbitration for you if you wish to consider it.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Arbitrators

At Resolv'd, we take pride in our team of highly skilled and certified arbitrators who are dedicated to resolving disputes fairly and efficiently. Our professionals possess extensive experience, ensuring that they have the necessary expertise to handle cases with precision and impartiality. With a deep understanding of arbitration laws and best practices, our certified arbitrators work diligently to provide customized solutions for each case, prioritizing the needs and interests of all parties involved.


We recognize the financial strain that traditional court litigation can place on individuals and businesses. That's why we're dedicated to providing a more cost-effective alternative through our arbitration services. By choosing arbitration over going to court, you can significantly reduce legal expenses. Additionally, the streamlined process of arbitration often leads to faster resolutions, allowing you to save valuable time and resources.


Maintaining confidentiality throughout the arbitration process is of utmost importance, and Resolv'd is committed to ensuring that sensitive information and the details of your dispute remain private. This approach safeguards the reputations of all parties involved. In contrast to traditional court litigation, which often becomes a matter of public record, arbitration proceedings are conducted in a confidential setting. This environment allows for more candid discussions and effective resolutions.

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